Slender Wonder Weight Loss


“If you are reading this and are even remotely like me, you have probably tried a number if weight-loss diets and/or exercise programs before.  Some of them took forever and others seemed to have worked quite quickly. In the end they all failed (because you would not be reading this if the last one worked for you, right?)


Well, I’m here to tell you that there is hope.  I have tried a number of diets before but the Slender Wonder diet was the only diet that I could stick to and eventually reach my target weight.  The problem was that I gained all of the weight (and a bit more) after every cycle.

I was determined to keep on fighting the good fight and in May 2017 decided to try one more time.


I visited the Aesthetic Makeover Studio and found everyone there to be extremely friendly, helpful and supportive.  The last thing you want while going through with a diet is criticism and negativity.  At the Aesthetic Makeover Studio you will find understanding, support and personalised care.

From May to Nov 2017 I lost 22 Kilograms and have never felt better in my life.  Everything is easier.  It’s easier to do things, it’s easier to buy clothes and best of all, I can walk somewhere eating an ice-cream without everybody around me judging me (real or imagined).


There is something we all know and have heard a million times before but somehow our minds cannot (or does not want to) grasp.  Shedding the weight and getting to target weight is the easy part.  Keeping that weight off and not falling back to your previous habits is the trick.

So here is my advice.   Before starting with your next diet program, set your expectations different to the previous times that you went through this.  Do not focus on your target weight, that is just the first step in you journey.  In fact, do not focus on your weight at all.  Set your targets on things that you want to accomplish.

I wanted to be in a situation that I can enjoy the outdoors more.  I wanted to be able to cycle for hours on a trail and enjoy the sights, smells and sounds.  I wanted to be able to walk on the beach with my wife without feeling that I’m going to die at any moment.

I set myself a two-year target to reach my goals. I reached my target weight after six months.  I am now working hard on maintaining that weight and becoming more fit.” – Frank


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